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‘A’ levels and career options: What next for the UK’s 18 year olds?

by on August 15, 2013

On ‘A’ level results day, it seems timely to look at the career prospects and options for young people in the UK.

With news of an ‘A’ level purge to prevent rising grade inflation, this article in The Telegraph looks at what the future holds.

With university clearing likely to be very busy, many students will be heading off next month to universities that weren’t their first choice and – whilst this may be initially disappointing – the advice is generally that it doesn’t mean they won’t be very happy and satisfied with their course.

For all students, this article explores ‘what I wished I knew before going to uni’ including the perceived value of internships over bar work.

And new research from the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills suggests that a university degree is now worth an average of £168,000 in additional earnings for men and £252,000 for women over their lifetime. This is up from previous estimates of around £100,000. The report looks interesting and worth a more detailed reading, untangling for example the effects of birth cohort from age and time.

For those who don’t go to university? Apparently there are increasing numbers of school leavers in this position who will take up apprenticeships with Britain’s biggest companies. Competition is reported to be tough with employment schemes for A-level students receiving up to 110 applications for each place.

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