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Generations in Fiction ….and with that Age at Work is on holiday.

by on July 26, 2013

I have just finished reading “World War Z” by Max Brooks – the book is completely different from the film of the same name in case you are wondering! I feel I should add an explanation that it was on the recommendation of my teenager daughter and that I don’t normally read Zombie fiction!

But I was intrigued that generational labels and inter-generational tensions were such a central feature of this apocalyptic novel, particularly in the closing pages when a survivor says, drawing fairly obvious parallels to other ‘real’ world crises:

I wonder what future generations will say about us.  My grandparents suffered through the depression, World War II then came home to build the greatest middle class in human history.  Lord knows they weren’t perfect but they sure came closest to the American Dream.  Then my parents’ generation came along and f***ed it all up – the baby boomers, the ‘me’ generation.  And then you got us.  Yes we stopped the zombie menace, but we’re the ones who let it become a menace in the first place.  At least we’re cleaning up our own mess and maybe that’s the best epitaph to hope for.  ‘Generation Z, they cleaned up their own mess’.

And that’s us for a couple of weeks as Age at Work are on holiday and will be back blogging on August 12th, assuming there is no apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) in the meantime.


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