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Youth unemployment headlines across the globe

by on July 19, 2013

Youth unemployment remains a hot topic this summer.  But it is not just in the UK, as the annual exodus from School and University means more young people entering the workplace, but as our previous post re the recent OECD report highlighted this is an issue across many countries.

Taking a sample from just one day’s news, we see that youth employment is raising similar concerns in Malta (with a youth unemployment rate of 16%), South Africa (reporting the work of an NGO called Columbia Leadership) and the US  (reporting on the Bank Of America’s youth internship initiatives).

Elsewhere it appears Google continue to offer ‘innovative’ ideas in the age of work arena – a take your parents to work day.  One presumes many of them (the parents) had to take a day’s annual leave to participate so I wonder how Google would feel if all their employees reciprocated and took a day off to visit their parents’ workplace?  No doubt they will suggest a virtual solution.

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