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The ‘new’ retirement: working – at least part time

by on July 12, 2013

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) held its biennial conference this week around the theme ‘Identifying the Challenges of a Changing World’ and launched an accompanying report of the same name (which can be downloaded from this link).

One of the challenges they focus on is global ageing. The report includes a chapter entitled ‘Insurers and Paying for Life after Work’. This highlights the need to adjust our ideas about retirement. Instead of thinking about ‘a fixed universal retirement age acting as the gateway to a life of non-work’ we are urged to recognise that this will become increasingly meaningless and instead embrace the idea of ‘semi-retirement’.

According to a survey commissioned by the ABI they conclude that ‘retirement is seen as non-existent for some’. 20% non-retired people think they will never retire; of those who do think they will retire, 41% felt that they will continue to work at least part-time.

This is reported here in the Daily Express under the headline ‘Working until we drop! Now we’ll have to wait longer for a state pension’.


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