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BBC programmes: a different perspective on lookism in the media

by on July 11, 2013

The debate about ageism and sexism in the media extends beyond the UK as this article on The Hoopla website shows. This follows the departure of 43 year old TV anchor Melissa Doyle from a breakfast show in Australia. This has been hailed as an example of ageism (and by some as sexism, since her male co-host on the show is 57).

The article goes on to complain about lookism practiced on Australian TV which is apparently ‘full of toned and tanned torsos – male and female – under the age of 40’.

Interestingly, it cites in comparison two BBC television programmes which it suggests adopt a very different approach: Call the Midwife as an example of TV where beauty is found in the bodies of ageing women and Getting On for which Jo Brand won a BAFTA for her distinctly unglamorous portrayal of a nurse.

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