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Lookism, high heels and cocktail waitresses

by on June 12, 2013

We’ve blogged before on lookism and how it can affect those whose jobs are in industries where ‘looks’ – or particular ways of looking – are regarded by employers as very important and become the subject of regulation.

Here’s an interesting twist on this topic. As reported here in the Daily Mail, it seems that wearing (very) high heels can yield larger tips for cocktail waitresses but after years of service, these high heels take their toll. In one organization, cocktail waitresses got their union involved, partly because of their concerns that older workers were vulnerable following the arrival of consultants who discussed with cocktail waitresses the high-heeled look that the casino was seeking to impose.

Now it seems that one waitress and a union representing this sector are fighting for the right to wear shoes of their own choosing.

Daily Mail reader comments are as ever good value including the (rather unhelpful) suggestion that women objecting to wearing high heels should get another job.


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