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Generating discussion

by on June 7, 2013

Well it seems to have been a field day for discussions about generations at work!

There was a brief mention in the talk given by Frank Douglas at the Central London CIPD conference, when he called for HR professionals to recognise that a one size fits all approach was not appropriate for the different generations in the workplace  (I have to say that apart from taking issue with the usefulness of generational categories, Frank’s talk was excellent and he really challenged HR to step up to the mark especially in respect to diversity which led to some uncomfortable shuffling on seats around the room).

Elsewhere we see advice in Canada about how to ‘woo the millennial worker’, an explanation of ‘why the generational gap is great for your career’ (which does at least acknowledge issues with generational stereotypes) and advice on how to ‘unlock the potential of generation Y’ in Australia.

Closer to home, we continue to work on our critical analysis of generations as a social construct…

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