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Age discrimination against older women in Australia

by on May 28, 2013

We’ve seen a lot in the UK news about the absence of older women working in television.

On a related aspect of gendered ageing, the Diversity Council of Australia has just published research on the more general labour market position of older women (defined as 45 years plus).

It found that whilst they represent a sizeable and growing segment of the labour force, older women’s skills and talents are under-utilised.

In what it hopes will be seen as a ‘call to action’, the report outlines a number of recommended actions. These involve organisations looking at their existing talent management practices through a gendered age lens, to see how well these promote a workplace environment which is inclusive of older female workers.

This framework for action is coupled with suggestions for how organisations can ‘lay the groundwork’ which includes four key strategies:

  • make a compelling business case;
  • understand the state-of-play with respect to older women’s employment;
  • emphasise the sustainable workforce of the future;
  • focus on inclusion

The Executive Summary of the report can be downloaded from the DCA’s website here.

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