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Debate on battle for jobs hots up

by on May 21, 2013

While its an ongoing debate across many areas of the media, debates about the battle for jobs between older and younger workers always hots up with a new set of statistics or poll.

Today, Yahoo explicilty reports on “How Baby Boomers Take Jobs from Younger Workers” quoting US unemployment figures that “the unemployment rate among workers 55 and older is just 5.5%, while it’s 16.1% among 16- to 24-year-olds”.

While the notion of competition is a common feature in many debates here it is slightly hedged, reporting that: “Older, experienced workers don’t necessarily compete directly for jobs with recent college grads. But the economy can only support so many jobs, and as older workers stay on the payroll longer, it impedes the creation of new jobs, many of which would go to younger workers”.  Evidence for this particular aspect of the debate is however rather sparse and often inferred from broader statistics.



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