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Politics is ‘a game played on the media which abhors age’

by on May 13, 2013

This is the view of MP Austin Mitchell, as reported here in The Telegraph. The article is in fact based on an opinion piece written by Mr Mitchell for The Oldie magazine so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that in it he reflects on the changing age profile of MPs and Cabinet Ministers. His lament is that ‘Parliament gets younger as society gets older’.

He draws attention to the fact that the average age of the current Cabinet is 52, notwithstanding Ken Clarke (72), Vince Cable (69) and Sir George Young (71) whilst the shadow Cabinet’s average age is 45. David Cameron (46) and Ed Miliband (47) are younger than previous leaders since, in the past, prime ministers took up their jobs in late middle age, with some staying on into their eighties like Gladstone, Salisbury and Churchill.

He also claims that older MPS are today dismissed as irrelevant failures with those who use Twitter being ‘abused as dinosaurs, geriatrics or out-of-touch idiots’.

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