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Over-qualified? Effects on all ages

by on April 24, 2013

Another theme we’ve seen in our data is that of ‘over-qualification’. Primarily we’ve seen this in the context of older workers who report being told that they are over-qualified for a job and sensing this is an euphemism for being ‘too old’.

But young graduates have also been affected, taking ‘stop-gap’ jobs for which they may be over-qualified. The Graduate Fog website recently reported here on new research showing that one in four who takes a non-graduate job – such as in retail, construction or catering – will find themselves employed in the same position in three and a half years’ time.

This item today on the BBC website highlights a recent Institute of Education survey showing fewer graduates are now in non-graduate jobs and that this ‘over-qualification rate’  is falling. 74% of those with degrees are now in graduate jobs, compared with 69% in 2006.

It’ll be interesting to see how the labour market continues to deal with those of all ages who are seen as ‘over-qualified’.

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