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TAEN: Survey of Job Seekers aged 50+

by on March 12, 2013

The Age and Employment Network TAEN has published its third survey on job seekers over 50 (a copy can be downloaded here).  It reports on the experiences of those who describe themselves as job seekers whether they are registered or not as such. It makes the point that this group are somewhat less visible in public policy terms than other categories of job seekers.

Amongst their findings are that:

  • 37% of older job seekers experience long term (ie over 12 months) unemployment;
  • 30% of those aged between 50 and 64 are economically inactive, a category which TAEN suggests includes the ‘hidden unemployed’;
  • there is little information (yet) available on those who are over 65 and working, even though 12.5% of men and 6.6% of women in this age group have jobs.

Professor Wendy Loretto at the University of Edinburgh Business School, who supported the survey, also points out the importance of recognising variations between different sections of older job seekers, such as gender differences and those between different occupational groups. The survey finds that women and those lower in the occupational hierarchy face more barriers to gaining employment.

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