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Inertia or age discrimination: What happens to older workers in the field of IT?

by on March 8, 2013

The fate of older workers in IT is addressed here on the Information Week website. Though the author talks of his experience in the US, the same points arise (though under a different legislative framework) in the UK. He argues that action which results in older workers leaving IT organizations could be attributable either to :

  • their own inertia in keeping relevant skills updated (a practice necessary in whatever field you work); or
  • a wider re-structuring following a technological change which results in redundancies; or
  • age discrimination;

He cites an example of a senior IT professional who turned down training on new technology – in the face of its inevitable introduction and the demise of his previous area of expertise.  In the light of our post earlier this week on training and older workers, it would be interesting to look further at how ‘training’ is positioned in organizations.


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