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Gendered age patterns in the radio industry?

by on February 7, 2013

We’ve blogged about lookism in television and speculated on whether radio was a more accepting place for older women broadcasters.

Last weekend I read this article by Anne Karpf about the history of women in broadcasting in which she referred to a report by Skillset on women in radio. Commissioned by Sound Women, ‘Tuning out: Women in the UK Radio Industry‘ (available to download from this link) reports on the gendered age patterns in this industry.

Skillset say that one of their most consistent findings across their workforce surveys is the relative under-representation of women aged over 35. In the Creative Media Industries workforce, 66% of men are aged 35 or over compared with 49% of women. Within the radio workforce, nearly 60% of men are 35 or over compared with 50% of women. The report finds a particular lack of women in the 16-24 and 50+ age bands when compared to men. Even adjusting for increased levels of female new entrants in recent years, it concludes that it’s likely that women have been leaving the industry before or during middle age.

Voiceism, perhaps?!

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