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No age discrimination against job applicant rejected after psychometric testing

by on January 18, 2013

A recent Employment Tribunal (Campbell v Icopal Ltd ET/2400854/12) has ruled that a candidate was not a victim of age discrimination when she was not recruited after poor scores in psychometric tests.

According to this report on the XpertHR website, the applicant had passed three interview stages in the recruitment process and received a conditional offer of employment; this was then withdrawn once the test results were considered. The job offer was conditional on her ‘passing’ the said tests.

In this case, it looks as if the use of psychometric testing was seen as evidence of a rigorous recruitment process that treated all candidates the same and was designed to ensure the ‘right person’ was appointed.

This seems to place quite a high burden on such tests. It raises questions about the extent to which these tests have predictive validity and whether they discriminate unfairly or not across groups protected under UK discrimination legislation.

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