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John McCririck’s age discrimination claim

by on January 11, 2013

Lots of media coverage regarding John McCririck’s decision to sue Channel 4 on the grounds of age discrimination (see for example, these articles in the Daily Mail, the Independent, and the Guardian). He was dropped after Channel 4 won the rights to terrestrial coverage of horse racing.

Commentary – from online readers and in this blog by Chris Ball, Chief Executive of TAEN – conveys a lack of confidence in his chances of success.

An interesting selection of reasons for this suggested by readers:

  • that as someone who has been accused of sexist, ageist and mysogynist attitutes in the past, McCririck should not be able to bring a claim for ageism;
  • that at 72 he is past ‘official retirement age’ (even though of course mandatory retirement has been abolished);
  • that the decision to part company with him can be justified on the basis of his (insert negative adjective of choice) job performance.

More seriously, though, the case again demonstrates the high stakes that face anyone seeking to bring a claim of age discrimination. It will be interesting to see what happens – and to the other presenters ‘in or past middle age’ who were also dropped.

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