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Barriers to youth employment

by on December 17, 2012

The Work Foundation is running a two year research project The Missing Million which aims to increase the employment prospects of young people in the UK. Specifically the project addresses two key questions:

  • What measures can be taken now to address the problem of youth unemployment?
  • How can the UK move to a longer-term model with lower levels of youth unemployment?

Last week, the Foundation published a new policy paper “Transport Barriers to Youth Employment which looks in some depth at how transport can be a barrier for young people in their search for work. The report argues that:

  • Central government needs to ensure that young jobseekers can access concessionary fares;
  • Work Programme providers and support agencies should identify and address transport barriers faced by young jobseekers;
  • Local government should ensure that young people are consulted effectively over the planning and provision of local transport services;
  • Information services such as Traveline should also be improved, with better advertising and efforts to ensure they are  accessible and accurate.

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