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‘Internships’ for the over 50s?

by on November 22, 2012

A survey of job seekers aged over 50 and registered with jobsites says that 80% of them report being the victims of age discrimination when looking for work. Further details of the survey are set out here on the SkilledPeople website.

A couple of particularly interesting items in the report, especially in light of yesterday’s blog post.

First is the reported finding that 65% of jobseekers with at least 25 years of experience are willing to work for their expenses only in order to secure a new position. Sounds a lot like an internship!

And second is the ‘Silver Bullets’ scheme. This involves a ‘hit squad of 500 business trouble-shooters’ (aged over 50) whose skills are targeted at new and small businesses but who are charged at very low rates.

Seems like there is a market for working for little or no salary regardless of age.

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