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Retiring early?

by on October 24, 2012

In the United Arab Emirates, a poll on the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security’s website is asking at what age people should be able to access their pensions.

This article in The National (an English language publication from the Abu Dhabi Media company) reported that 57% of the 3,177 respondents who had voted selected the lowest option, namely 45 years.

There’s no indication that the UAE would adopt this option. If they did, it would certainly buck the trend of many countries which have been steadily increasing pension age, the UK included.

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  1. Paula Fitzgerald permalink

    I am looking at the Staff Handbook of a premier Saudi Bank (which includes retail, investment banking, and asset management operations) their mandatory retirement age for all employees based in Saudi Arabia is as follows: men= 60 years, women= 55 years. They make it clear though on page 44 of their handbook that “Full settlement is provided for all mandatory retirees”….

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