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Lookism and ageism in the workplace – again

by on October 12, 2012

Another survey and this time on the issues of lookism – and ageism – in the workplace.

The Daily Mail reports here the results of a survey by beauty website This found that 75% of women think that even looking over 40 will ‘kill’ your career, and more than two thirds state that their career advancement is severely curtailed once they reach 40.

35% of women believe that their chances of promotion disappear once they reach 41, and over half believe that 51 is the cut off age for any further career success. Reader comments – some of them, anyway – dispute this. is of course in the business of selling beauty products so it is interesting to see how this survey is reported elsewhere. On the femalefirst website the headline is ‘Anti-ageing is the answer to keeping your job’ and features a spokesperson for who reports that women spend over £60 a month on anti-ageing products.

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