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Having more than one job – is this a new idea?

by on September 10, 2012

In this piece in the Evening Standard, the Slash/Slash Generation – those who do more than one job –  are introduced as a new idea. Specifically, these are described as ‘twenty-something ‘millennials’, children of the baby boomer generation…no longer settling for the traditional career paths their parents so assiduously carved’.

The article includes interviews with a number of London-based people of this age group who fit into this category (‘Slashies’), describing how they combine either part-time or full-time jobs with other, often self-employed, work.

Apparently it was forecaster The Future Laboratory which first coined the term ‘Slash/Slashers’ in 2009 after a survey looking into millennials’ attitudes to work.

But is it really a new idea or trend? And is it really only confined to those in their twenties?

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