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Age, gender and job performance

by on September 7, 2012

Sometimes you have to face up to the fact that that you’ve just spent 10 minutes reading the online comments of the (probably British) public on the (possibly spurious) grounds that they relate to an article in The Telegraph under the heading ‘David Cameron in ageism row over sacking of Caroline Spelman, 54, in reshuffle’.

In the context of seeking material for a blog on age at work, did the reader comments yield anything of interest?

Well, actually, yes. Amongst the many topics rehearsed, a number of interesting issues (of more general application) are raised:

  • whether older age can – or should – be used as a proxy for experience;
  • the difficulty of teasing out whether age has played a factor in dismissal, where job performance may also be an issue;
  • the complexity of a dismissal where age, gender and job performance may all be factors (with gender providing some comparisons in the area of job performance);
  • the personal experience of (older) age being a factor in recruitment notwithstanding anti-age discrimination legislation being in place.

So, not a complete waste of time then.

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