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‘The Town that never Retired’

by on July 13, 2012

I’m sure I wasn’t the only person to watch this 2 part TV programme this week.

It was an ‘experiment’ (in the reality TV – rather than the scientific – sense of the word) to send pensioners in their 70s back into full time work and see whether their bosses would want to offer them jobs. Those who survived the first week then faced being compared with some young counterparts, also newly recruited.

Presented by Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford, it showed how chronological age alone cannot accurately predict job performance, charm, good humour or hard work.

If you missed them, both programmes can currently be seen via BBC iplayer here.

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  1. beccy permalink

    not a true picture, my father in law is nearly 75 and still works and is very able, he has never stopped,(maybe needs to do a fewer hours a week so he can tend the allotment) bit different to going back after a break of a few years!

  2. Rowena Dawson permalink

    A very interesting programme. Just proves the need to encourage those elderly people who are willing and able to work whatever their age. This should be an option though, not a neccessity through changes to pension ages. But perhaps the proposed changes are all an underhand way of saving money when those unable to continue working have to stop and therefore cannot pay their full contributions to recieve a full state pension.
    I was also shocked to see how difficult it apparently was to find suitable, willing young people to take up the job offers – was this real? Or were they actors playing a part for the skae of the cameras??

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