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The UK economy needs older workers

by on June 21, 2012

A report by Policy Exchange (available to download from here) published this week argues that the over 50s have a vital role to play in growing the UK economy, not least because they represent such a large segment of the UK’s population.

Amongst its recommendations, the report calls for:

  • better support for the over 50s who are looking for work, such as making their Job Centre advice more personalised and targeted to their particular needs
  • the over 50s to be encouraged to volunteer in order to gain experience of new sectors
  • Government support for the unemployed to be based on the disadvantages and barriers faced by job seekers and not (just) on their age

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  1. Paula Fitzgerald permalink

    On 1st July 2012, Louisa Peackock reports on “The Daily Telegraph” about a filmed workplace debate where Mr Adrian Beecroft (a venture capitalist) said: “Actually you have to make choices, and would you rather have more people over the age of 65 in jobs or would you rather have more young people? I would rather have the young” [].

    Attention grabbing are also the findings of a poll published by the newspaper on whether the general public agrees or not with the above statement: Out of 281 votes, 150 (53.38%) appear to agree that older people should be compulsory retired to make room for the youth, and 131 (46.62%) do not.

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