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Testing more search terms on Google

by on September 1, 2011

We conducted a further test of potential search terms on Google (on 21 August) for use in the pilot study. Here are the some of the findings.

Search for the term ‘age Equality Act 2010’ produced 3.4 million hits worldwide and about 1 million in the UK. Google offers the pop up suggestion: age Equality Act 2006. Results are primarily sites offering an overview of age as an aspect of equality: these include a mix of specific websites (some Govn, some local govn, Centre for Policy on Ageing, ACAS, EMPLAW, Equality Challenge Unit – the latter is related to higher education – and law firms), some PDFs available to download and news stories (eg BBC). Results also include references to an Age Consultation which ended in May 2011 regarding the possible extension of anti age discrimination in relation to the provision of goods and services with a number of interested organizations including those with a public function filing their responses to the consultation online.

Search for the term ‘Age Regulations’ produced just over 1 million hits worldwide and just under 1 million hits in the UK. Google offers pop up suggestions: Age Regulations 2011, Age Regulations retirement, Age Regulations transitional provisions, Age Regulations Act, Age Regulations redundancy, Age Regulations guidance. Results are primarily concerned with legal interpretation of the provisions. These are sites which had vested / professional interest in promoting age awareness in work and training settings:, NIACE (adult learning), law firms,, unions eg UCU and PCS, Kineo (age awareness e-training), Diversiton (age diversity training), (new ways of working). It also included different organizations’ the interpretations of age equality eg district councils. There were a few news stories (eg BBC) and some law firms eg Reed Smith’s Employment Law Watch.

The term ‘default retirement age’ produced 1.87 million results worldwide and 346k in the UK. Google offers pop up suggestions: default retirement age abolished, default retirement age pension, default retirement age cipd. The results are again mostly sites of organizations with a professional interest in this area: ACAS, the Govn, law firms (including Reed Smith’s Employment Law Watch), Age UK, and media such as BBC, Personnel Today and some broadsheet newspapers. Also included are a couple of blogs (Findlaw UK and Burt’s View, the latter involved with in-company training services).

The term ‘starting work’ produced I billion hits worldwide and 93 million in UK. Google pop up suggestions are mostly to do with ‘starting working out’ (although one is ‘starting work McDonalds’). The term covers a wide range of angles eg advice on starting (or resuming) work and its impact on tax or benefits etc or on starting work as a life-stage within the realm of managing ones finances. Quite a lot of these would not be relevant to our project. Of those which could be of interest some are targeted at younger people, eg, CLIConline (for young people aged 11-25),, and (for 16-19 year olds). There is also some material more generally aimed by organizations at their ‘new hires’.

The term ‘older unemployed’ produced 19 million hits worldwide and over 2 million in the UK. Google pop up terms are mostly variations on the theme: older unemployed workers, older unemployed people, older unemployed statistics, older unemployed adults, older unemployed grants, older unemployed London, older unemployed women, older unemployed executives. Results included some media articles (Reuters, BBC, The Huffington Post (UK), HR Magazine), some potentially useful PDF downloads, some presentations of academic work in this area, and links to sites of organizations who may have a role in providing services to the unemployed eg TUC, Ipswich Unemployed Action, Support Solutions (forum), Citizens Advice Scotland, A4e (welfare to work provider),, The Poverty Site or are professionally interested in them eg NIACE and the Institute for Employment Studies. The results also included a charity targeting the over 50s called PRIME founded by Prince Charles, described as the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise (this could be the counterpart of the Prince’s Trust which helps young people start up in business).

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